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Come our shelves are FULL, and we are ready to serve you!.

Hours:  1st Tuesday 9 - 11 a.m.

             3rd Thursday 1 - 6 p.m.

Ellen Christiansen and  Lois  Walker, Co-Directors

Do you need us to delivery food items to you?  Let us serve you.!

Please call or stop by to inquire. .

Good food is just a car ride to you.

John 21 : 17  Jesus said to him "Feed my Sheep"


Call the church office for more information at 309-596-2152.

In 2018 our Food Pantry had 444 visitors,  serving 1,037 people.  Each visitor received approximately $114.00 worth of groceries!

Midwest Food Bank provides approximately 4,320 pounds of non refrigerated items at no expense. 

Riverbend Food Bank provided 20,360 pounds of  fresh produce and groceries this year at a cost to us for $1,646.56. 


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